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We are a family optometry practice that sees patients starting at 6 months and up! You can book the entire family on the same date for your convenience.

Our vision is our gateway to the world and we know how much better life is when we see clearly. So what’s better than treating a condition? Preventing it, and keeping symptoms from causing any damage! Eye Center of Houston’s mission is to correct vision as well as prevent vision/eye issues from getting worse. Our practice has the technology necessary to diagnose issues as early as 6 months of age as well as treat and diagnose eye issues for all other ages.

Want to see how we do a pediatric eye exam? Here’s one of our favorite patients on his first eye exam. Watching this video with your kids will greatly enhance their experience, as they will know exactly what to expect. Click here to watch!

Your Baby’s First Eye Exam: 6 months

We recommend that every single child be seen for their first eye exam at 6 months of age. A simple, yet extensive neurological examination can detect visual abnormalities that could be easily treated, but damaging if left untreated. If your child has no issues, an examination provides ease of mind and confidence that your child’s vision is helping them develop optimally. Keep in mind that issues may remain silent, and once symptoms are noticeable to you or your child it could be very difficult to repair the damage. If either parent has a history of vision problems including vision abnormalities, it is vital to have your child first eye exam at 6 months to detect if those abnormalities were passed down.

Vision issues that can be detected at 6 months include the following: strabismus, amblyopia, childhood glaucoma, myopia and other vision abnormalities.

Your Baby’s Second Eye Exam: 18 months

At 18 months old, your baby is now very responsive to visual stimuli and their eyes and vision are developing rapidly. Although they may not be able to speak letters at this age, Dr. Faheem can perform tests to make sure your child is seeing correctly. If any issues are detected, he will be able to diagnose and treat them. Early detection is vital to preventing long term damage and visual abnormalities!

Your Toddler’s Third Eye Exam: 36 months

By this age, your toddler may know a few letters and basic shapes. An examination at this age will help determine if there is any vision correction needed as well as ensure that the eye continues to develop properly.

What if My Child is Older?

If your child is older than 6 months of age and has yet to be seen by a pediatric optometrist, it’s a good idea to schedule them in right away. The sooner, the better! Poor vision when starting school can lead to learning difficulties and stress. Detecting and correcting vision problems before your child starts school is extremely important and will start your child off on the right track for excelling in their studies and interacting with their surroundings.

Symptoms that Raise Concern:

• Difficulty following objects
• Light sensitivity
• Chronic redness of eyes
• Abnormal eye movement after 6 months of age
• Chronic tearing of eyes
• Continuous eye rubbing
• Difficulty focusing
• Squinting

If your child has any of these symptoms or has not yet been seen by an optometrist, please click below to schedule their first exam and set them up for success!

Did you know? Once you become a patient, you’re part of the family. Our receptionist and doctor are on call until 9pm each night for those ocular emergencies or urgent questions.