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Eye Give Sight

Eye Give Sight is a local initiative with a notion of every dollar counts. For every $10 increment, an impoverished individual Is able to see, keep jobs, excel in school, and in life.

Here is your moment to see how a $10 contribution can change everything.
Here’s how it works:
For every donation that you make, the Eye Center of Houston delivers a voucher to that individual for a free eye exam and pair of glasses.

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, the Eye center of Houston will close its doors to the public from 7am-11am and I will personally perform eye exams to those who have a voucher. A few days later, they will receive their glasses to see the world clearly.

All along the way, you will be in the loop. Upon receiving the donation, you will receive a text message with a status update. Once an adult or child in need is located, you will receive a message as well. After the exam and delivery, you may receive a photo and/or a thank you note from individual wearing their new glasses with a thank you note.

You have 3 ways to donate:
1) Come into Eye Center of Houston and purchase a frame donation. This $10 donation will include the eye exam and glasses. (No limit to $10 increments)
2) Donate a gently used frame that can be used for a pair of glasses. The patient will receive the exam voucher.
3) Donate any increment of $10, and we will do the rest. You will receive updates along the way of our voucher and glasses delivery.

Donate to Support Eye Give Sight