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Welcome to our state of the art Dry Eye Center. Here, you sit back, relax, and finally experience relief from your dry, red, itchy or irritated eyes.

Most Optometrists simply treat your dry eyes with drops. Here at Eye Center of Houston, Dr. Inayatali does more, with special treatments, expertise, and a special room dedicated just you. Here are some conditions and treatments that we treat and offer:

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome refers to a breakdown in the quantity or quality of tears to moisten, cleanse and protect the eyes. This is significant because, with each blink, tears protect the surface of the eye, washing away dust and microorganisms. When this protective coating dries up, the eyes may feel “gritty” or burn and can be more sensitive to light. In extreme cases, vision can be blurred.


Blepharitis is a general term for an inflammation of the eyelid and eyelashes. It is among the most common and stubborn eye conditions usually resulting from poor eyelid hygiene, a low-grade bacterial infection (usually staphylococcal), an allergic reaction and/or abnormalities in oil gland function.

Like some other skin conditions, blepharitis can be controlled but not cured. The main goals in treating it are to reduce the amount of bacteria along the lid margin and open plugged glands. Contact Eye Center of Houston to assess the severity of your problem and the best treatment method.


BlephEx is a special treatment that uses a unique tool with a micro sponge to gently and precisely remove debris and exfoliate your eyelid, effectively providing relief from the condition.


One of our latest treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome. We use a special tool that gently heats your eyelids, releasing dried or viscous tears and improving your meibomian glands for healthier tears and rapid relief.