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How important is your child’s vision?

We do everything for our children! We want the absolute best for them to grow up happy and healthy, starting with the best foods during pregnancy all the way to the best college to develop their career. We do our best to set them up for success, but so many parents take their child to the optometrist only when they notice issues, and sometimes they realize their child has been struggling to see for a very long time.

Luckily, we are here to spread the word to all Houston parents that in order to ensure optimal development, your child’s first eye exam should be at 6 months of age. Children cannot always communicate their vision needs, and in many cases, one eye can compensate for another without any complaints from your child. It is crucial to identify any issues at the very beginning, as their eye is growing, and as they are learning about the world, seeing and interacting with it. Eighty percent of what a child takes in is through their eyes, so being able to correct any issues as soon as they develop will ensure your child sees the world as you know it, and is able to learn and absorb all the world has to offer.

There are many optometrists that do not see patients younger than 6 years of age. Your pediatrician should be able to refer you to an optometrist that specializes in pediatric vision exams. If you’re in Houston, Eye Center of Houston is the best place for your child to be seen! Dr. Faheem is not only great with children, he has a special waiting area to provide some entertainment, and even a special exam room just for the kids, complete with familiar Disney and Marvel characters. We really care about your childrens’ vision and comfort here!

So don’t delay! If you have any children that have not yet been seen by an optometrist, it’s never too late to schedule their first eye exam, whether to correct issues that haven’t been noticed, or for the peace of mind of knowing your child is on the right track for growth.